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Hello everyone! I will be answering all of your asks tomorrow, thank you for you’re patience!

Mini personal update-

So I already typed up my entire update and right before I clicked post my iPad freaked and I lost it all :( so let’s try this again!

As many of you know, I am now in college and am living in their dorms. Unfortunately, the school has not been accommodating to my medical needs, and I have not been able to attain an area to do my physical therapy. So that means, confession- I haven’t done my exercises in about 6 weeks now. There is no space in my little dorm room, nor is my roommate understanding or letting me do any reorganizing to make a little space for my PT. There are also no door frames or normal closing doors I can uses my insertable door loop on, (all doors are sliding doors), nor is there a closet where I can install removable bars. I think I may try to use my bed as an anchor if I can create sufficient room, but I am near positive ill end up breaking it and paying for it (cheaply made old thing). The good news is that for the first 4 weeks, my back felt perfectly great, no pain or anything. Then once I started using the potters wheel (wherein you are very hunched over for hours), and having to stand on the hard studio floors for long periods of time, the pain started. At the moment, I feel just fine, only a little stiff. I think I may have to start wearing my tacky running shoes since they are my only shoes with support to help with the standing for long periods of time. I am also going home this weekend to get a chiropractor appointment, (man is he going to scold me). So I’m going to also do some intense schroth during the weekend too at my house, where all of my equipment is. I need to find a balance of work and self care during this college adventure, I am forgetting to eat and am losing too much sleep, let alone being able to set aside time for some physical therapy. Okay lovelies I wanted to keep this short and it’s starting to get long, so that’s just a lil update!

Anonymous: Every anon on here seems so negative about scoliosis and I really wish they weren't! Scoliosis is not all that bad after a while, don't let it take over your life!

It is good that you have such a positive attitude! It’s great to spreads a positive and enlightening message, but sometimes I think people just need a space to vent their frustrations and feelings. It’s totally normal to get discouraged at times, so when that happens, we have to support each other :)

Anonymous: how long did you stay in clinic ?

I went to the Wisconsin clinic for 2 weeks when I was first learning, and then visited again the next year as a guinea pig for training PTs.

Anonymous: Hi there :) when you started the schroth method, how many hours a week would you exercise ?

Hi there! Schroth should be done approximately 2.5 hours a week if you are following the 30 minutes a day 5 days a week regime.

Hello everyone!

I have blocked out some time tomorrow so i can answer all of your asks! Sorry again for my absences, art college leaves little room for anything besides art. I’ve been in the studio for hours from dawn to late into the night. I would like to do a little personal update with college life and my physical therapy a little bit too tomorrow, after I answer all of your asks though! Ok I seriously need to go to bed now I’ve been up for almost 22 hours now, but I just wanted to let you all know :) xx

Anonymous: I wish there was a way you could show people just how much scoliosis affects you. Like some sort of a challenge similar to the ALS challenge. Or a simulator thing they could be hooked to that shows them what it's like. Just something to prove to them that it really IS as bad as we say. I think that if they had to live with it for 2-3 weeks, they might stop nagging at us about it. They may actually realize that they should have listened to us all along. Then awareness could spread even more.

That is a great idea! I know there are already a few groups in place that help to raise awareness, but you could definitely start your own if you wanted to, and even do something like the ASL challenge! Awareness is so important and definitely vital for people to have a bit more sympathy.

Anonymous: Do you know of any back stretches that us scoliotics can do? When I bend down for more than 3 seconds it's such a pain to get back up. I'm doing Schroth so it stiffens my back even more! Hahaha

Hi there! I have a couple stretches that I like to do outside of the schroth when my back is feeling tense. The first one is like a hanging upside down one, but with your feet on the ground. You bend over like you are going to touch your toes, with your feet spread apart. You can touch the ground for balance or grab onto your elbows to for a stronger pull. The gravity helps to release the tension in your back. Another stretch to try is to find a stable bar and hang from it for a few minutes. This is great for releasing tension as well. This can be done at a play ground or if you have traditional schroth equipment you can just use the top bar. I’m sorry if those were confusing, I would post pictures if I knew how from my IPad. I hope those help a bit!

Anonymous: Hi there! I'm the anon with the thing about my hatred of hearing "get active, handle it or be crippled." In that message, I didn't mean to come off the way I did. I don't sit around all the time doing nothing. I do get out and get active. I try to improve my condition. The times I get mad about hearing that are the days when my back is hurting so bad I can hardly move. I hate when people say that even when they know I do get active. Sorry for the confusion! I appreciate your concern though! :)

Hello again! And aw okay I see. It’s healthy to do some venting so don’t be sorry for sharing, you are always welcomed to do that here!! X

Anonymous: Hi I just found your blog! I had a 7 vertebrae fusion June last year and I'm curious about doing handstands - has anyone else done them since having a fusion? Will I be good to do them again?

Hello! Actually one of my past gymnastics team mates had the spinal fusion and performed all the events including floor (so handstands)! But each persons healing rate and body range of motion will be different and I would recommend you jump right into handstands without feeling it out and really listening to your body first. has any one else who has gotten the fusion done a handstand after surgery?

Anonymous: Helllllo Meg!! Lately I've been wondering if there are any benefits to having surgery, besides internal spinal correction. Right now, I can visibly see the curve in my back because my sides are uneven and one side bulges out more (someone mentioned this earlier). So would surgery also take care of this? Thank yaaaaa

Hiya! The surgery may correct your aesthetic to some degree, but the majority of the time it can leave your spine not fully corrected, and in this position permanently. Before taking the surgery route, I would recommend that you look into some noninvasive treatment such as the schroth method. The schroth had personally improved my scoliosis aesthetics tremendously, to the point that it’s very difficult to see that I even have scoliosis. (Not to mention that it improved my curvatures from 50 and 39 to 27 and 15!) I hope that was of some help :)

Anonymous: I hate how I can feel the way my spine curves when I sit with my back straight or lie down I hate having the constant reminder that I'm bent

I know darlin :( whenever you sit or lay down it’s easier to feel your spine and where it’s uneven. Whenever I become hyper aware of my spine, I sm doubly sure to think of my psychical therapy corrections and to keep the curves from progressing. Stay strong lovey xx

Anonymous: To the previous anon. I truly do care about your condition and I know you're tired of hearing it but YOU CAN GET ACTIVE, GET HELP, CHANGE YOUR SPINE IF YOU REALLY WANT TO. Scoliosis doesn't cause pain if you take care of it, doesn't change the quality of your life, your abilities to do anything.. it is only the way your spine is curved. Nothing more. I wish you the best of luck but please trust me when I tell you, you can change your spines condition.


Anonymous: I am sick and tired of hearing "You can get up, get out, get active, and handle it; or you can cripple yourself." News flash: I am already crippled. Maybe not in the way you think of someone being crippled, but crippled nonetheless. Don't treat me as if I like having a twisted spine, I hate it. It's not a simple matter of just 'handling it.' I wouldn't being sitting or lying around in pain if I actually had a choice.

I’m sorry that people are responding so negatively. They have no idea what you are going through and it is not fair of them to judge you. You are always welcome to vent here.

Anonymous: Hello Meg!! Do you ever find it hard to open up to people (not about scoliosis, but about yourself because you feel like you're hiding something about yourself)? Also, whenever I see girls wearing tight tops, dresses, etc. I get discouraged because of my back- and how I can't confidently sport whatever they wear. Sometimes (please don't judge haha) but I feel like a boy will never love me because of this. Thoughts? thanks :))

Hey lovey! It can be very difficult to open up about scoliosis sometimes, definitely. You should only open up to people you feel comfortable doing so with. It can be hard for a lot of people to comprehend this condition and may be slightly shocked or confused. But, once they learn more about it, they should become more understanding of you. Personally, if the topic comes up, I am quite happy to open up about scoliosis and to show my X-rays. (I find peoples reactions entertaining haha) I like to raise awareness this way and to advocate the schroth method as a testimony to how my life and scoliosis has I improved. I hope that helped, best of luck to you on your scoliosis journey! :) Ps sorry for any errors in here I am responding to this in the middle of a class lecture