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Anonymous: Hiiiiii. I have a few public questions for any scoliotics reading this. 1) Do you ever feel pain in your spine when you're eating? 2) Do you notice that the side your bulge (side in which your curve is leaning towards) has more fat on it? Thanks!

I haven’t really experienced any of these, have any of you all?

Anonymous: Hi beauty! I've been doing Schroth for over a year now, and still when I walk I feel so awkward and I feel as if the weight of my shoulders is pushing me down and I always feel so stiff. Do you still feel like this? Have you ever even felt like this? Hhahaha thank you x

Hi there! And congrats that’s awesome! It sounds like that your shoulder and trap muscles are tight, which is very very common with scoliosis patients. I would ask you PT for some stretches to reduce their tightness. And depending on the severity of your curve/ your own body, you may still be adjusting to your corrected positions. Keep up your good work!! I hope that was semi helpful!

Anonymous: Hi! I know a while ago you said that your scoliosis was practically not even visible, is it like this with your side view from where the prominence was?

I would say that it’s really not too visible from the side either! There is a small difference between the two side views, but neither screams scoliosis haha

Anonymous: I really don't believe in restrictions with scoliosis, do you? I mean, of course, you have to be smart and think about what you're doing and if it's really going to affect you majorly. When I asked my schroth PT if I could do this or that all he said was "I don't know, can you?". I love yoga, running, volleyball, soccer, basketball, working out in general and I finally feel relieved to know I can do all those without worry. What are your thoughts about restrictions with scoliosis?

I think scoliosis shouldn’t restrict you too much, as long as you are not overly aggregating your curvatures. I also think it’s up to the individual about how they feel doing certain movements. That is really awesome that you are still going to be doing all of those things! The only thing is to be conscious of your body position and listening to your bodily cues. If done with precaution, scoliosis patients could do any sport they wanted if they set their mind to it! I used to be a pretty hardcore gymnast, but am no longer. I tried an adjusted gymnastics routine for a while and really started loving it, but I felt that I was beating my body up too much since I was still participating in very high impact movements. Another factor was that I was hurting all over joint wise, most likely arthritis. It was really difficult for me to leave the sport I loved so much, but I felt in my heart that it was preventing my back from progressing in a positive direction as quickly as it should. I still miss it, but am sure I made the right decision for my health. So I think scoliosis is as restrictive as the individual’s discretion. :)

Anonymous: Hi im a little confused! I have 3 curves in my spine! The degrees for them are 18, 24, & 33. Is that bad? I've worn a night brace for it for two years but just recently stopped (thank god!) thanks!

Hi there! Your curvatures would be considered moderate, and out of the surgery zone. If you are still experiencing pain or discomfort, I would suggest you look into some PT, chiropractic care, or some scoliosis specific yoga. Best wishes to you!

Anonymous: hey, i have been hanging every day without fail which is my most important exercise but i haven't been doing my other ones every day. i have a check up with the hospital soon to see how i have been doing and i am really scared i would have gone backwards :( i'm still growing so it's important but i just can't motivate myself and if i go backwards it will be all my fault and a waste of money for my parents

Hey darling,

It’s completely normal and expected to be doubting all of your PT work right before an X-ray. You’re worried you could have done more, maybe you could have, maybe you did everything in your power. If your back does get worse, you know you have the power to change it for the better. But if you are missing exercises every once in s while, it really shouldn’t affect your final results. The most important Thing with the physical therapy is to allow and persist that the corrections you learn are carried into your everyday life body position, and that your muscle memory is being corrected. Best of luck to you, I truly wish you the best :) x

I’m back ! (No pun intended)

I now have reliable internet and an iPad to utilize it, so I will be getting to all of your asks so look out !

FYI/ bare with me

Hey everyone so I just moved into my dorm today and no longer have a laptop, but will be getting an iPad tomorrow (more reliable than my phone) and answer all of your asks. I tried responding to one of the asks and after writing a really long response, my phone freaked and I lost everything, and it’s not the first time it’s happened. So I will get to all of your asks asap! Thank u for your patients!! 😊

Little Update

So I thought my chiropractic days were over for a while, but it turns out I will get to fit in one more appointment before I move into my dorm on Thursday! I can’t remember if I relayed it to you all or not, but I haven’t been going to the chiropractors the past 2 months solely because my mom lost her job and therefore the health insurance that covered the appointments. I thought of the past months as a  test to my exercises to see how I can hold up on my own, and it went really well! (No significant pain increase/appearance). The only thing I’m worried about is being yelled at by my chiropractor for being away for so long haha 

Anonymous: Meg, you're awesome!! :)

Thank you! :) Anon, your awesomer!!

Anonymous: I feel like my ribs are in my hip. My hips ache. I have a pinched nerve under my shoulder blade. I can feel my spine pressing against the skin of my lower back. I have another pinched nerve in my side. And I also have a muscle spasm between my rib cage and my hip. I just want this night to end already. I want to go to the chiropractor or the doctor tomorrow and finally get some real relief. I'm tired of this. Just so damn tired.

Hi there, 

I’m sorry your experiencing all of that :( I used to get similar pains with the feelings of ribs scraping against my hips and ribs overlapping. The chiropractor can help temporarily, but the pain eventually comes back right? This is because your muscles are not holding the corrections nor your muscle memory being reprogrammed. (I’m saying this all from experience, I was going to the chiropractor weekly, finding relief, but with the pain coming back eventually. It wasn’t until I learned the schroth physical therapy that I was able to hold the chiropractor’s corrections and do my own corrections via the therapy). I would highly reccemmend you look into the schroth method, I strongly feel that it can help you too, and be a really synergistic outcome with the pairing of the schroth and the chiropractor.

Please feel free to contact me off of anon (only if you want) and I will respond privately. I’d be more than happy to expand on my personal experience, give you some more information or testimonial about the schroth, or to just lend an ear.

Big hugs to you, stay strong, you’re awesome! x 

Anonymous: i have trouble motivating myself to do my exercises and sometimes i miss a day or two, is this going to make a big difference to my curve?

Hey man,

I totally feel you. Especially after a long day of school or work, it can be kind of daunting. As long as you aren’t consistently missing days at a time, it shouldn’t affect you! Are you taking the normal 2 days off a week? Make sure to give yourself a little break. Or if you feel that you are too exhausted one day to do them, maybe do a little stretching that day, and then do a little extra the next day or on the weekend when you have more energy!

Best of luck to you on your scoliosis journey :) 

Anonymous: I just want to know that I'm not alone. I mean REALLY KNOW that I am not alone. It seems like my friends either don't remember or don't care, my family shrugs it off like I'm making it out to be much worse than it is, and I just don't feel like much of anyone actually cares. My parents, my grandma, my brother, and my cousin are the only ones who really support me. I'm just tired of feeling insignificant and downgraded.

I hear you loud and clear. Sometimes it is comforting to know that you aren’t the only one going through this in the entire world, but it’s also nice to have people close to you who understand and support you. I’m so sorry your family and friends are not being supportive and shrugging it off. That’s not right of them to do that. If they had the same condition as you and I, they certainly would change their disposition. And even though they don’t have the same condition, they need to realize the importance of supporting and sympathy. It’s a wonderful thing that your parents, grandmother,brother, and cousin have your back though (whoops no pun intended). They are there for you, even if they can’t fully understand what you are going through sometimes. It would be a good idea for your unsupportive friends and family to take note of the group that does support you. Maybe talk to your parents, grandma, or brother about the other people in your life riding your condition off. Maybe they can talk to them and help them realize they need to be more understanding.

And I know you know that you are not alone in your condition, but just a friendly reminder that you are ALWAYS welcome to vent and talk here, okay? :) 

Big big healing hugs to you XXX

Anonymous: I am going to need the spinal fusion surgery and I am so nervous, I am getting it in a few months

Hi there darling,

Since it’s a few months away, I would urge you to do some research on some alternative treatments before fully committing to the surgery. I needed the surgery too, but instead I did a physical therapy called the schroth method, and ended up reducing my curvatures from 50 and 39 to 27 and 15, and not needing the surgery anymore! I truly believe most scoliosis cases can be handled without surgery, so please do try some alternative treatments first! It’s completely up to you what you do in the end, since it is your spine. If you don’t get the surgery and want some alternative treatment group talks/support, this blog is always open, and there are also some other wonderful people on here who chose the homeopathic approach. And if you chose to get the spinal fusion, there are tons of people on here who have gotten the fusion and are more than happy to lend an open ear or a supportive hand to you :) 

Best of luck to you on your scoliosis journey!

Anonymous: I went to the chiropractor today and learned that my right leg is actually about a half inch shorter than my left leg. I was told this was the probable cause for my scoliosis. Then I was given an insert to put in my shoe to balance out my leg length. Is that a fairly common thing for people with scoliosis?

Hi there! That is not a common cause for scoliosis, but it’s not unheard of. Most scoliosis cases have “idiopathic” origins, but are probably genetic based, and are triggered by an unknown environmental aspect. It can also be congenital, meaning the scoliosis was triggered by a wedged or misshapen vertebrae. It sounds like your scoliosis can be managed well with shoe inserts and chiropractic care! Best wishes!